Mountain River Cave

When he entered the cave, Khanh did not expect to find anything odd or different. But when he actually got to the interiors of the cave, he was able to understand that this was unlike any other ordinary cake. He was left frightened the water may end up causing a difficulty for him to return. He did not want this to happen so Khanh decided to go home right away.

A Local Name

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Since he saw that there was water gushing out right at the entrance of the cave, Khanh could not wait to tell others about his great discovery. When he reached his village, he passed the information about his discovery to the others. Locals came up with a name for the mysterious cave: Son Doong, which basically means “mountain river cave.”

The Underworld

Since he was alone when he discovered the hidden cave, Khanh did not feel safe to enter it alone. He was not confident to explore the cave all by himself so he went home immediately. When he reached home, he told his friends about what he had found. He described what it felt like entering the cave and compared it to “something from the underworld.”

Something Happened

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When he first discovered the cave, he was all alone and did not go deep inside as he was a little fearful and cautious. He wanted to go back and explore the cave for the second time but he, unfortunately, couldn’t find it. It had taken him so long to finally locate where it was. Twenty years later, he finally located the mysterious cave. Then, a surprising incident took place.

British Cave Research Association

Khanh had taken quite a long time to get back to the cave but he finally found his way back. And the following year, he ended up bringing an international team of scientists from the British Cave Research Association along with him to the caves. He was excited to bring these enthusiastic group of people who would absolutely love the cave too.

What A Cave

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Khanh had always known that the cave that he discovered was something strange and beautiful. He knew from the start that this cave was not a normal one, that it had something different. He could not wait to lead the group of explorers to a cave that was bound to leave them in awe too. The team leaders were Howard and Deb Limbert.