Imagine life gives you everything a good career, a loving husband and imperishable fame and your life is going all smooth and sorted. Then you encounter a sudden bump and everything comes to a halt. What would you do? Would you surrender or fight back? Most of the people would leave hope and surrender themselves. But it wasn’t the case with the double Olympic winner Lauren Holiday. She had won a lot of tournaments for her country but this time it was a fight against her life. Would she be able to win it too?

Meet Lauren

Lauren Holiday, a famous name in the Soccer game is the native of Indianapolis, Indiana. She had started playing soccer from an early age after getting inspired by her brother. Up till she was 12, she used to play with boys and later she emerged out as a champion in girl’s soccer. Throughout her high school days, she had smashed goals on goals making everyone scared to be her opponent because they knew that they would lose for sure.