Every day we are exposed to hundreds of commercials whether it’s on the internet or on television. Some of these advertisements have become so popular that we know the characters as well as the tunes by heart. We went through some of the most cherished commercials in recent history and did some research on how they were made and what they are about. Read on…

Dos Equis Beer Commercial


This ad has spawned countless memes. The Dos Equis beer commercial initially planned on using a young hunk in it but then Jonathan Goldsmith’s wife and manager approached the brand that rather than a young 20 years old, he would be the right choice for ‘the most interesting man in the world.’ She was absolutely right. Goldsmith has indeed lived up to the beer’s name and head has gone to create many memes that we see everywhere.

Magnum Ice Cream Commercial


Magnum ice cream might arguably be the tastiest ice cream that has ever been created. As the ice cream brand appointed actress Rachel Bilson to help in promoting them, it was a match made in heaven considering how sweet Rachel already is! She went on to star in shows like The O.C., That 70’s Show, Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl. Her list of movies include New York, I Love You, and The To Do List.

GoDaddy Commercial


GoDaddy is popular for using models that are sensationally beautiful and scantily dressed. This pizza brand went with the same approach for this ad, again using a stunning beauty to appear in their commercial. The model that they decided to cast is also an actress that has starred in shows like How I Met Your Mother, Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Rules of Engagement.

Progressive Insurance Commercial


Everyone adores Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads. Actress, Stephanie Courtney portrayed Flo in 2008 and continues till today. She has starred in shows like Adult Swim, such as Tom Goes to the Mayor, and has also played the role of Marge on the AMC hit show, Mad Men. Courtney’s forte is sketch comedy and has had a role in The Groundlings, which is a sketch theater in L.A.

AT&T Commercial- No.1 (Not Lily)


Beck Bennett stars in the AT&T commercials and uses the phrase “It’s not that complicated”. Bennett is well known for his Saturday Night Live gigs where the sketches are truly funny. Beck is able to make the AT&T ads incredibly funnier with his straight-faced but comical approach to complex incidents in very simple situations. He has starred in Arrested Development, and films like Zoolander No. 2, and The Late Bloomer.

Old Spice Commercial


Every Old Spice ad has used a hunky American man. Isaiah Mustafa is one of these models that have starred in these ads. He was a former NFL player for a short time and had minor roles in shows like Ugly Betty. He dis a good job in the Old Spice ad and is able to attract men and women alike.