What if life was more like a game. Not like any ordinary game but the game of hunting treasures? Where we would live like pirates, loot treasures and solve puzzles. Life is still a game and the difference is that we don’t hunt treasures. If we go back to the year 2003, when Pirates of the Caribbean, the curse of the black pearl was released, a movie which not only gave people Captain Jack Sparrow but also the desire to live like a Pirate.

In our childhood, we have all played hide and seek. Well, a company in Edmonton, Albert, was established with the dream to hunt for buried treasure, and are making this a reality for thousands of people, their friends, and families. But in this game, instead of people, treasures are hidden this company hides treasures that are worth changing the fortune of a family.

Meet Duff

Bryan and Jody Duff of Sherwood were no different. They had 2 kids Brylee who was 18 years old and Logan who was 16. They shared an immense love for quest and treasures just like pirates. They went for a treasure hunt for fun but who knew their fun could result in this way.