In 1999, a couple moved to Neenah of Wisconsin. The town is quiet and beautiful too. The couple was all set to start a new life at a new place. But first, they needed to find a suitable house to live in. The couple needed a beautiful house with a big backyard as their family was still expanding. Luckily, they found one. The house was exactly the way they wanted. Spacious, beautiful and had a vast backyard too. The backyard had a hatch with rusted doors. However, the couple never thought of opening it as they could never get the time. But one day they decided to see what actually was there behind those doors. And when the door creaked open, they could not hide their astonishment. There was another world hiding behind that hatch.

An Ordinary Family

The Hollar-Zwick family was an ordinary couple living a peaceful life in Neenah, Wisconsin. The couple was residing in Wisconsin for a decade now. The couple had an ordinary house with something very odd in their backyard. The thing looked like a hatch. However, the couple did not open the thing ever as it never occurred to them. Plus the thing always remained under the haystacks.

No Time

Carol, the mistress of the house did not get free time to even think about that hatch looking thing. The duo got so busy raising their children that they entirely forgot about the thing. Therefore, the chamber looking box remained ignored and closed for more than a decade.  

Where It All Began

Hollar-Zwicks used to live in a small town in New Jersey till they came across a job offer. The job required them to move to Wisconsin. And that is how the family relocated to this house in Wisconsin that looked as ordinary as other houses in town but was different a great deal. It was in 1999 the family got their stuff together and moved to Middle America with high hopes. Little did they know there new journey was going to lead them somewhere strange.       

A Quiet Place

Neenah is a peaceful and friendly town. The Hollar-Zwick family was not sure if they would gel well with the peaceful nature of the real ways. But contrary to all their doubts, they fell in love with the place in a short while. It was quiet, beautiful and friendly. Now the only thing left was to find themselves a beautiful and comfortable home. Neenah has always stayed away from limelight till this family decided to open the box that had been kept in their backyard for a long time. 


Neenah is a small town with a very small population. The town has a population of 26,000 residents and is situated in the south of Appleton. The city was named Neenah by Governor James Duane Doty. The name means  “water” in the vernacular language. The only problem now was to find a perfect home…  

Picturesque And Peculiar

After going through a lot of houses, they eventually found a suitable house for themselves. They found their new heaven around a peaceful neighborhood. However, this heaven did come with its share of inexplicable mysteries. They were informed beforehand about the presence of hatch in their home. However, at that time they were too excited to heed the new revelation.