What Did They Send?

The Chimney MapThe object found its way straight to the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. Since, the man realized that it was old, possibly ancient, and something that someone at the local historical society might like to see.

A Revelation

The Chimney MapEventually, the object reached the safe hands of the experts in the National Library. They noticed that the strange bundle was rolled up in a polythene bag and stuffed in an old packing box. It later got revealed that it was a map of the world that hadn’t been seen for centuries. It dated as far back as the late 17th century.

Huge Map

The Chimney MapApart from being very old, one another distinguishing feature it had was that it was immense. The huge map measured an astounding seven feet long and five feet wide. This was the only reason why it was perfectly insulating the man’s chimney. Unfortunately, it was in pretty terrible condition.

An Impressive Object

The Chimney MapDespite, being in a very bad state, it showed the whole world, with views of magnificent cities running along its side and portraits of famous individuals all around it. It was obvious that its size would have made it an impressive wall ornament during its day.

A Status Symbol

The Chimney MapBack then, maps like these would have been a status symbol for its owner. Just the wealthiest men and ladies of the time could bear the cost of maps, not to mention ones as fancy and exceptional as this one seemed to be. It was an image of extraordinary riches and could likely have been exceptional.

An Ornate Piece

The Chimney MapThe guide’s craftsman, whoever it was, included delineations of popular individuals and places around the edges of the report. These pictures framed a kind of story of that of the late 1700’s and would have been much the same as owning a cutting-edge photo of world occasions at the time.