Finding something long lost while cleaning one’s shelf is a common phenomenon. But, things became interesting for a family when they decided to renovate their house. What they thought of as a normal object, later shocked them and is sure, capable enough to give you goosebumps!

An Unusual Incident

The Chimney MapWhen one Aberdeen family was getting their house renovated, they hadn’t thought of the surprise the future beheld for them. It is not a rare sight to witness a family finding amazing objects in attics and basements, hidden away by the former tenants. But, this incident was unusual in many ways.

An Old House

The Chimney MapThe family lived in an old house in Aberdeen, North Eastern Scotland. Seeing the condition of the house, they decided that a renovation was the prime need of the hour. It was an exhaustive process and required a great deal of repainting and re-insulating. Towards the end of the job, they noticed something unusual blocking the chimney.

Lodged In Deep

The Chimney MapThe thing hindering the fireplace was additionally obstructing the vent itself, keeping the hearth from opening up totally, should they need to light a fire. The man who was inside the vent pulled on it, whatever it was, it was huge and was held up pretty profoundly in there. With one last yank, he culled it free…

Just An Insulation?

The Chimney MapWhat he hauled out, it seemed by all accounts to be a folded wad of clothes. The previous tenant must not have needed to utilize the chimney at all and most likely was utilizing the heap of clothes as an insulator. He was going to hurl it in the dumpster with whatever is left of the house’s old, worn out refuse when something got his attention.

A Strange Discovery

The Chimney MapOn examining it, they noticed that something was written on the other side of the rags. It seemed as if it was parchment, inscribed with something. Surprisingly, it was enormous and ancient. They thought that it might have belonged to someone before the previous owner and rather than throw it out he had to use it as an insulation against cold winds.

Breaking into Bits

The Chimney MapOn trying to unroll the parchment, the man noticed that the thing began to flake apart into a million tiny pieces. Immediately the man took a wise decision of taking it to someone who had experience of dealing with such a thing. He didn’t want to ruin the thing. Not after he had decided to save it from the bin, anyway.