Having pets around is great for health and to keep things around the house light and peppy. Dogs make great pets, sometimes cats do too. People keep birds, tortoise, and fishes as pets. Some people go out of the league a little and have spiders, chameleons, lizards, and the likes as pets. But then there are those daring few, who become one with nature by keeping wolves, tigers, and lions with them. The loving nature of these wild animals shows that even though they are out in the ruggedness, they are capable of affection and beneath all the hard exterior, crave for attention.

However, you might not have yet heard of people keeping a big brown wild bear in their backyard and even if you had, what this family has in their backyard would defeat all of your conceptions of ideal pets.

Pets Are Fam

Pets are the best companions; they get super excited when you are in a good mood and silently listen to your grievances, being your best cuddle partners. They become such integral part of our daily lives that it is hard to imagine an existence without them. They are like a family member who is always there, always waiting for you to give them love and attention and reciprocate it. There are people who keep generations of animal families in their families. It’s like families of two different species are connected for generations and that bond is more special than any other. This is true for the family in this story too. 

Peculiar Pet Choices

So the people who are into exotic pets are of the opinion that dogs and cats as pets are completely obvious (and we do not agree with them) but we gotta accept that there is a slightly higher cool quotient involved when people keep an animal like the Bearded Dragon as a pet. Then there is the Sugar Glider, also called sugar baby which can, well really stink but people do keep them because they are cute. Why people keep Tarantulas, Hissing Cockroaches, skunks or a Burmese Python as pets? There is no knowing, maybe they (literally) like living on the edge!Okay, the hedgehog is kind of a cute choice but these exotic pets come with exotic attitudes too.

Exotic Demands Of Exotic Pets

So the Kinkajou could pass as a crossbreed between a monkey a raccoon and a weasel but it is related to none and the thing is they don’t like noises, so for the noisy humans, this is not the animal to go for, because if perturbed it is capable of making your house a mess. Fennec Fox looks like it could be a Pokemon but for one thing- they abhor captivity and they do are not really fans of humans. The list does not stop here, there are more quirky and peculiar choices of pets that people make which are at the least, confounding and the only question that comes to the mind when we see them is, “why though?”

Cute But Not So Much

Wallabies are like a baby, baby kangaroos but a lot more finicky, bouncy and require a lot of space. And even though Squirrel Monkeys might appear to be the ideal pet they tend to fight for the alpha status, so if you are not careful enough, they will be the ones petting you. These animals can be dangerous but not nearly as much as the one which this family kept in the backyard. How would you react if you woke up and found a bear in your backyard? While trying to hold your breath, you would probably collect all your belongings and make a run from your front door. But this family wakes up to a yard full of bears, daily and they don’t seem to mind it much.

Not So Teddy Bears

Brown Bears are usually called grizzlies, because, well even though they are dangerous they look potentially real cuddly, there’s where the term ‘grizzly bear’ comes from. They are usually found in most places in Europe, the US, and Canada and prefer the deep forest habitat and mostly like feeding on berries and fruits. However, if they are too hungry, male bears are known to eat even their young ones (yeah, extreme). They can weigh up to 700 pounds and the females can weigh 350 pounds. Why are you being given facts about bears? Because a family in Florida kept them in their backyard. Not just one or two or even five.

Importance Of Living In Wild

Wildlife belongs in the wild that is what most humans believe. But it is also humans who are responsible for the loss and depletion of wildlife. We have grazed down forests to built houses and malls and consequently, a lot of animals have lost their natural habitat. So is it really wrong for a family to keep bears in their backyard? The more important question is how did they even come to raising bears and how did they tame them, if at all? The story is of a family in Florida and it goes back almost a century- the first time a bear came in their family. Since then, the bear family in their backyard has only grown.