Having pets around is great for health and to keep things around the house light and peppy. Dogs make great pets, sometimes cats do too. People keep birds, tortoise, and fishes as pets. Some people go out of the league a little and have spiders, chameleons, lizards, and the likes as pets. But then there are those daring few, who become one with nature by keeping wolves, tigers, and lions with them. The loving nature of these wild animals shows that even though they are out in the ruggedness, they are capable of affection and beneath all the hard exterior, crave for attention.

However, you might not have yet heard of people keeping a big brown wild bear in their backyard and even if you had, what this family has in their backyard would defeat all of your conceptions of ideal pets.

Pets Are Fam

Pets are the best companions; they get super excited when you are in a good mood and silently listen to your grievances, being your best cuddle partners. They become such integral part of our daily lives that it is hard to imagine an existence without them. They are like a family member who is always there, always waiting for you to give them love and attention and reciprocate it. There are people who keep generations of animal families in their families. It’s like families of two different species are connected for generations and that bond is more special than any other. This is true for the family in this story too.