Controversial Location

The mountain had significance to Lakota Sioux and the controversy of its location regarding the land and mountain already existed way before they began construction. Before 1885 was known as “The Six Grandfathers” but later Charles E. Rushmore decided to rename if after claiming to discover it. The Lakota Sioux had been essentially robbed of their spiritual land by the U.S. government called on the army forces to protect the federally funded project to be finished.

The Careful Selection

America had its 30th president Calvin Coolidge during the construction. So a question arises as to why they did not pick more recent leaders? However, each president represents an important era so they are all equivalent. Washington was the first president, Jefferson was responsible for the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln ended slavery and Roosevelt for the Panama canal plus his economic role.

The Change-Up

Looking at this monument, it is indeed quite cramped. In the original plan, Jefferson would have been placed on Washinton’s right, but the excavators found that it was impossible. So Roosevelt ended up looking squished in between as it could not be done otherwise. There was obviously very poor pre-planning.

What Is This All About?

This uncompleted model has been creating a big confusion over the years. It is true there were talks about adding a great female personality on the Mount Rushmore but we’ll take you to that afterward. The above show portrait is still under construction and is of the Lakota warrior Crazy Horse. He is one of the best known native American who is known to fight to save his civilization and culture. His most famous battle was with George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horse. So far, when this sculpture will be completed is still a question.

Mysterious Woman


In 1979, the first actual woman to be pictured on U.S. coinage was a great social worker in the history of the United States. She inspired the woman population of the country and raised the voice for woman empowerment. When Mount Rushmore was a topic of discussion, her name came in as a suggestion from Eleanor Roosevelt. So, did her image actually ever made it to Mount Rushmore.

What About A Woman?

In the year of 1937, Eleanor Roosevelt initiated a bill to the Congress stating that the iconic women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony had to be included in the Mount Rushmore monument. They had an excuse stating that because there was not enough funding for the site, so it would only contain men. This is a fake photo of what could have been.