Mount Rushmore is a United States treasure and is undoubtedly the most tourist attracting site in the state of South Dakota. This monument is incredibly huge, taking a quite a few years to complete and more than a million bucks to accomplish.

The Need For Ample Manpower

Image result for mt rushmore bestTo blast and chisel the huge boulders, manpower needed to be in a heavy bulk which is why 400 men worked on it. This site took over 14 years to complete, becoming one of the most iconic locations on the soil of the United States.

History Classes

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Just from history class, most people get the idea of the geographical location of this site, or even from traveling to see it. Inside this creation, there is a construction of a hidden room that lies behind the mountain.

An Aerial View

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The aerial view gives us the best understanding due to the site’s steep location. There must be a reason for the original design, agree? Because at the end of the day, the people who funded this would never agree to keep unnecessary rooms.

Multiple Rumors

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Rumors and myths have been passed around regarding Mt Rushmore but we are here to set things straight. We will show you the hidden room behind Mount Rushmore, along with the detailed history behind the masterpiece that was constructed over 6 decades ago…

Mount Rushmore

South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore that is carved into the Black Hills region in Keystone. The humongous 59-foot sculpture is a creation of renowned US artist and sculptor John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum with his son Lincoln that started in 1927 to go on for 14 years. Four US presidents namely Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt are covered in granite.

The Construction

It was built to attract tourists and it surely did. This site has gone to attract 3 million views every year. Historian Doane Robinson came up with this idea. He’s responsible for convincing these famous faces to be a part of it. They had an original plan to carve the presidents from the waist up, but due to lack of funding towards the end of the project, they had to settle with the neck and face.