The people in Pennsylvania may come across the Amish people quite a few times. These people are very peculiar if you view them from the outside world as they refrain from using technological conveniences that benefit us. These religious folks are known to be very friendly too. Though there is a lot of mystery as to how these people lead their lives, here are a few points we can note down. Not all of the Amish people use zero electricity. Some people use electricity if ever they come across emergency situations like work or other serious issues. They live by the word, “Gelassenheit.” which translates to “letting be” in German. They have a strong belief that God wants us to live on this land as it is, with no artificial light or energy which man has created.The Amish believe that men are supposed to keep their beards as they are but not their mustaches. During the 1800s, mustaches meant that you are in the military or from a wealthy family. The Amish people try to avoid following trends and just stay ordinary so mustaches had to go. Everyone else outside of the Amish community is referred to as English. The first people that interacted with the Amish after they settled in the American soil were the English settlers who only used the English language. Because they never actually change their customs, the world English stuck through.