We all know that Nikola Tesla is an inventor. He is the driving force and responsible for alternating current, induction motor, rotating magnetic field and many more path-breaking discoveries. Born in modern day Croatia, in 1856, Tesla was a disciple of mechanical and electrical engineering. Coming over to his personal life, Tesla worked for fixed hours everyday, from 9:00 a.m. in the morning to 6:00 p.m. in the evening. He even had dinner at a fixed time, at 8.10 pm. Moreover, you will be surprised to discover that Tesla was a bachelor forever and regarded his chastity to be helpful in his scientific discoveries.

Tesla had confessed that he never slept for more than two hours. But, he would doze from time to time to recharge himself. If this is true, just Wow!

Controversies Behind Radio Invention

There has always been a controversy regarding the invention of the radio.

There have been ample confusions between Marconi and Tesla for this invention. But, there are reports that it was Tesla, who invented it before Marconi.

The Discoverer And Propagator Of Electric Current.
Tesla was the man behind the discovery and propagation of electric current.

But, Edison criticised this, saying that Tesla was trying to play with safety, at low cost. Thus, in order to prove the correctness, Tesla ran AC current through himself to produce light.

Inventor of Electric Motor

At the age of 24, he invented the Induction Motor.

The invention of electric motor in 1932 by Tesla when he was just 24 was overshadowed by the economic crisis at that time and also the World War. But, surely this invention has eased the human life drastically. From wristwatches to water pumps to industrial fans to household appliances, this motor has been a saviour for the mankind.

Robotics Was Also His Brain-Child

Robotics was his brain-child.

Tesla has given the thought of automation to the world. He believed that humans respond to external stimuli. He had a vision for the use of sensors, intelligent cars and robotic human companions. It seems as if his dreams are now getting fulfilled.

Tesla Transformed The Use Of Modern Day X-Ray Machines

X-rays that we use in modern technology are a transformation by Tesla.

X-rays these days are being used for medical purposes as well.

Tesla Invented Distribution And Spreading Of Light/Power.

Tesla invented the ways how light can be harnessed and distributed.

Moreover, he used fluorescent bulbs even before they were used by the industry, that too, some 40 years before.