Dehydration Woes

The kid was in a state of panic, looking for any help he could possibly find. But as Cody was hurriedly knocking on every door on the streets, he started feeling the sun taking over him. The heat was beginning to affect him. He was certainly not ready everything as he wasn’t prepared for this kind of heat. On top of that, Cody was still rejected.

An Answer

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And as the sun was blazing down on him, Cody was starting to get affected. He could feel his body feeling the burning sun. And one thing was clear, that it was not turning out to be his day. But as he continued his mission to find some help, an unexpected door opened. But when the person showed up, how he responded left Cody astounded…

The Entire Neighborhood

It was such a discouraging experience for poor Cody. He began to realize that more and more people were beginning to shut their door on him. They did not seem to care about whatever troubles he was facing. He was confused as to why people did not want to respond. He was desperate for someone to take him seriously and help. But rejections came one door after another…

Spotting A Yard

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Cody did not want to lost hope and give up. So he still went on with what he needed to do. He continued to knock on the doors of the people in the neighborhood. His plight was not something that people wanted to respond to, still. There was no one who cared to see Cody’s situation. He was getting more and more frustrated. That was when he spotted a yard a few steps away…

Cody Under The Sun

And after spending so much time trying to get someone to help him out, Cody was at a point where he wanted to give up. But he held on to his determination to get the help he needed. He tried even harder and that was when Cody went to yet another neighbor. The level of exhaustion Cody felt at this point was almost unbearable. It was now midday and he had gone through an impressive number of houses.

Just One More

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Since he had walked around the neighborhood under the scorching sun, Cody was feeling dehydrated. He had come this far so he had to force himself to carry on. So, Cody started trekking to one last house. He wanted to give up but wanted to try just once more time. He promised to accept his failure if this was another rejection. Something strange then took place…