Gone are the days when we have to travel for days to reach the desired location as our ancestors did. Nowadays, humans have facilities to travel across the globe with safety within hours. Still, sometimes the unexpected events can lead one to the unforeseen future. The reason why we are talking about the unexpected and the unforeseen is that our today’s story is filled with such events. But more than anything, this story depicts that every person hides an extreme capacity that we hold within ourselves and don’t realize until something extremely devastating happens.

Not Long Ago

Not long ago, just a few weeks before the misery took place, Tami Oldham Ashcraft, a 23-year-old young American lady who belonged to San Diego, California along with her fiancé, Richard Sharp, a 34-year-old British man were having fun in the warm waters of the Southern Pacific. Their adventurous tour was going on for the last six months. And they were not getting over with the idea of sailing across the sea.

Around Fiji

The couple shared a similar interest when it came to sailing and relaxing. Thus, they came up with the idea of chilling around. Out of all the islands they chose Fiji, an island country. Fiji is said to be one of the most amazing islands across the globe and surely an adequate place to have fun and more. Tammi and Richard used to plan about their future life in between all the soothing sounds of the waves.

Expert Sailors

Tami and Richard wholly had more than 50,000 miles experience on the high seas. Richard has been building 30- to 50-foot Ferro-cement yachts before he went off on his own 36-foot sailboat named Mayaluga, a few years before. While Tami crewed from Mexico to French Polynesia and New Zealand. Later the two came together for a widespread cruise to the South Pacific islands and New Zealand. 

Huge Price

There was an offer made to Richard for delivering a new yacht from the showroom to the person who recently bought it. The reason why this couple was ready to put their own holiday plans on hold for the sake of this transportation was the huge amount of money coming along with it. The owner was paying them $10,000 as a delivery fee and that wasn’t all, on top of the delivery fee they were given free roundtrip airfare from San Diego to England and then to Tahiti. 

Last Adventure

As the couple was in need of money, on September 22, 1983, Tami and Richard got going from Tahiti to San Diego, California, as they were hired to transport a brand new 44-foot Trintella luxury yacht named Hazana, to its owner. Initially, they were supposed to finish this journey within 31 days. However, the couple never made it to the shores on their destined location as fate had different plans for them.

Being Cautious

Tami and Richard were closely keeping their eyes on the weather forecasts before starting their 1330 hours journey through the sea. As per the weather forecast, this was not a time for hurricanes. The hurricane season was half over and there was no forecast for storms in particular for the whole year. Everything was in their favor and hence they decided to get going. As sailors, they couldn’t have planned everything though.