Every country all around the globe has some sort of secrets that stay hidden from the people until few from the future generations stumbled upon them and find it. This amazing discovery from China has peaked everybody’s attention. The research team that had something entirely different work to do that day made this life-changing discovery that was about to change the course of the history.
China is one of the most mysterious places that have so many hidden secrets that are still waiting for someone to bring it out to the public. This find will definitely make your jaws drop because of some mindboggling facts that this secret comes with. With the help of drones, this research team found this hidden ancient secret. It is all just so exciting to see how a century-old hidden secret that laid its foundation in the past came into the picture with the help of future’s advanced technology. Circumstances like these prove how everything is connected even if we are not able to see it today.
The video that drones recorded about the discovery are available at the end of the story that will seriously amaze you. Footages are cool but watching everything about the place that too in drones view is something else.

Mystery Of Ancient “Magical” Mirrors

Before we reveal the mystery to you, let me explain why I said that China is the most mysterious place in the world. I said it because it is. Read about these three amazing mystery that was found in China and that has some really awesome history about how these mysterious things came into existence in the first place.

This ancient mirror in China is one of a kind. The name of this mirror is t’ou kuand ching, if translated means “light-transmitting mirror”. So what is amazing about this mirror? You ask. Let me tell you about the amazing property that this mirror possesses. It is said that when the light is striking on the undecorated polished front surface, which is reflected onto a wall or screen, the patterns at the back of the mirror mysteriously appear in the reflection. Cool, right? But not more than the discovery made by the drones.

Ancient Hongshan Culture

The mysterious ancient Hongshan culture vanished from the face of the earth thousands of years ago and the only thing they left behind is the number of astonishing jade figurines. Just looking at them can give you chills as these figures don’t match any other figures that world has found in the entire course of history. Some historians believe that in the past aliens visited the place and left these figures. We are lucky that this discovery was made.
Today, historians believe that earlier culture also existed in other regions of China and Hongshan Culture( existed around 6,500 years ago before the Xia Dynasty) was one of them.

Have you seen China’s map? The country is so big that you just can’t ignore the fact that, yes, this country does hold so many mysteries and the discovery made by this research team with the help of drones is one of them and we would say it is one of the biggest mystery that has ever been unveiled.

Mysterious Great Pyramid Of China

Yes, you read it right. There is a Pyramid of China too. It is located in the southwest of Xian, China. There are sixteen in total pyramids that are designated as a Shensi, or a “no-go area”, a forbidden zone that the authorities of China tell to the people of China and the tourist who wish to visit this place. But why? No idea. But some people from the West have managed to get the pictures of this impressive structure. We cannot say, how they did it, but we should be grateful that they did and showed the world that there are pyramids too that were built on this earth.
Though the historians don’t have anything to say on when exactly the Great Pyramid of Cina was raised, according to some Chinese archaeologists that believe that the pyramid was built during Hsia Dynasty( 2205 to 1767 B.C)

Structure Of The Pyramids

Ancient records that are kept preserved in an old monastery near the Mongolian border tells us about the Xian Pyramids. It is said, that the pyramids measure 1,000 feet in height which makes it the highest pyramid in the world. Let me tell you, the Great Pyramid of Egypt is 450 feet in height. Not only this, the pyramids are also colored from the top. The east side is bluish grey, with the west in white, black on the north, and red on the south.
I am sure that these mysteries might have peaked your interest about the secret that stayed hidden for 4,000 years.

Beautiful But Still Hidden

Do you remember the story of a frog that lived deep inside the well and had no idea of the outer world even if he was told so by the birds who sometimes used to come and sit on the edge of the well? We are same as that frog in all terms. We think whatever we know or see is the only reality of this world and nothing lies above the well we live in. Let’s keep the philosophical aspect of this story aside and get back to the mystery that is much more interesting than this frog story.

Why Such A Mystery?

If you have read about the history of civilizations that were here before us then you must know that every civilization had some mystery or secret that made them different from others. Some believed in the existence of god and some did not. Every civilization made sure that they leave their mark on the history so that people read about them and learn about them. But there was much civilization that stayed hidden in the entire course of history. But Why? Maybe they had their own secret that stayed hidden, until now.
No, the secret is not about Egypt. If you think we are lying than check out the video at the end of the article and see by yourself.