Stray dogs can be found anywhere! And having them around is not a big deal nowadays. Though there are many mechanisms working for the welfare of these dogs, still many of these homeless pooches give up their lives in the appalling condition they are born in. There were five pups on the highway of Iskilip, Turkey that were on the verge of losing their lives in the spine-chilling environment when someone came and transformed their lives.

Unusual Highway

How many times do you see a sight on a street that makes your heart cry? Not often, right? But on the streets of Iskilip, Turkey, there was a sore sight that was utterly disturbing. A bunch of stray dogs was piled up on the side of a highway in the most miserable condition. These five dogs were cuddling with each other only to bear with the cold. Let me tell you that in winter the temperature of this very town falls down to minus 30 degrees. And during this bone shattering cold these puppies had nothing but each other to keep themselves warm. And that is why they continued to hug each other during the day.

Surprising Visit

Nobody knows from where these puppies came. They looked very feeble and weak. It was evident from their appearance that the pooches were not getting anything to eat. They had been surviving the cruelty of winter without food and water for almost a week. Yeah, sometimes someone would throw them leftover food but that was not enough for these five growing dogs that had not eaten anything for weeks. The only source of food for them was garbage.

Different Assumptions

Well, as mentioned before nobody knew where these dogs came from, but there were some assumptions that people made regarding them. One of them is that the dogs most probably were dumped on the corner of the path. Perhaps the dogs were about to be euthanized and whoever dropped them there did not want these dogs to be killed. It is mentionable here that in Turkey the high population of homeless dogs is mostly found in Iskilip. Along with it, there were many more assumptions that people made that seemed less convincing.

The Unexpected Help

Ironically when no one bothered to help these dogs, there was someone from another country who came forward to extend a hand of help to them. When Crystal Carson, who is the co-founder of ‘Rescuers Without Borders,’ an animal welfare organization based out of the U.S saw the images of those homeless tiny dogs, she felt very disheartened. The pictures were mailed to her by some well wisher of the dogs. Though she had seen many dogs in a miserable state, the picture of these pooches really broke her heart. She knew she has to do something.

“Rescuers Without Borders”

Rescuers Without Borders is an organization that rescues dogs from the landfill of Corum, Turkey. The animal welfare organization came into existence in early 2017. The operation of the organization is mainly focussed on the landfill of Corum. They rescue dogs from there and makes arrangements for their adoption. Even the story of these landfill dogs is very heart-wrenching and that is why I have described it in the next slides.

Only Way Out

Crystal Carson describes the condition of the dogs when she saw them for the first time. She said  These dogs were huddled together to stay warm, and probably feel secure. When they were not spread out on the tarp, the puppies would crawl under slabs of concrete to remain in seclusion where they were least bothered by a constant barrage of traffic horns, strangers, and whatnot.”