This is a truly touching story with a dog as the protagonist of it. Surely, after reading it your perception towards pets and any animal, in general, will change. As a woman who loved animals and owned a dog as a pet herself was left surprised and learned a lesson which she would remember for the rest of her life.

The Thousand Yard Stare              

It had been a year since Kacy’s dog would just stare without any reason at their neighbor’s living room. Kacy was puzzled to see her dog behaving in an abnormal manner. At first, she ignored her dog’s habit of routinely staring out 3 times daily, but one day she decided that it was high time and she had to find the reason for this. But, what was it?

Humans And Animals Alike                                  

This incident is a true example of the fact that animals too can go to any extent when things get emotional. So, if you think that the cute love scene in  “Lady and the Tramp” was a hoax, then surely read this and brace yourself to get surprised.

What’s He Staring At?                                                        

The incident started with Kacy who was an avid Reddit user noticed something strange in how her dog behaved. She wasn’t able to monitor the dog’s activity all day long, but whenever she would catch a glimpse of it, she would notice it staring incessantly towards the neighborhood window. The way the dog stared with utmost focus was the thing that bothered Kacy the most.

He Wouldn’t Stop                                               

When she got frustrated on seeing this, she decided to find the reason for it. But, her worries escalated when she was not able to find out a concrete reason for the activity. Her initial thoughts on thinking that it might have been a squirrel also proved to be in vain as there were none around. She started to stay at home as much as possible in order to solve the issue.

Surprising Sight

One day, while keeping a close watch on her dog, Kacy witnesses something unbelievable. She saw that her dog was staring at the neighbor’s cat and the cat was also doing the exact same. She was left amazed to see this episode of staring at each other going on for the next 2 hours. The cat slept after a while, but that didn’t stop her dog from staring it. Kacy could not believe her eyes, as she was confident enough about the fact that her dog disliked cats.

Not So Different                               

This incident is a live proof of the widespread rumor that cats and dogs share animosity. The actual fact is that these two creatures share a lot of common personality traits and on the contrary, to popular belief, they get along nicely. If you are still unsure then what happened next in this amazing incident will leave you in awe.