What is one thing that never fails to excite a dog? It would definitely have to be giving them treats. The time that dogs receive treats maybe one of the only moments when they become extra obedient and cooperative. Treats are mostly used as rewards by dog owners for performing tricks. Dogs usually have to behave well and do the tricks for their owners if they want to get treats. This story is about one dog that cleverly found a way to get unlimited treats in ways you won’t believe.

Delicious Treats

One thing we all know is the love that dogs have for treats. Treats may be one of the most effective ways to get a dog to obey commands. If you have ever met a dog that does not respond well to receiving treats, then they must either be not feeling good. When they get to have treats, you can tell a dog to perform many tricks like rolling over, fetching or the handshake. If ever there was a world where dogs could talk, we are pretty sure they would never stop asking for treats.

Good Dogs

When dogs behave well and show that they are good boys, they usually get to have a lot of treats. The wagging of their tail and the look of contentment that dogs show when they get to have treats is one that warms up a dog lovers’ heart. This dog right here has managed to get treats in abundance. He has figured out a very clever trick on how to get treats for himself for as long as wants. You will truly be surprised to see just how clever this dog is on how he thought up of this master plan. In this story, we will explain just how a clever dog gets to buy treats that he wants for himself. The clever dog we speak of is none other than Negro, the Labrador. Negro has a very interesting hobby that he enjoys doing. He loves to watch people and see how they behave in public. This dog has seen that people get to buy things from stores and he quickly learned how to buy things for himself. So, what type of currency does this dog use in order to buy stuff from the store?

School Campus

Another question that comes to mind about this adorable dog is where he lives? How did he get to learn how to buy things from the shop? Negro actually lives on a school campus and has lived here for quite some time. Negro was just loitering about on the school campus about 5 years ago. He loved the place so much that he decided to turn it into his permanent residence. How do you think the school students feel about this dog named Negro staying on their school campus? Do you think that the school kids are afraid of being around the big dog? On the contrary, the kids in this school love to play with this huge dog. Negro may appear to be a big hulking dog, but as we all know looks can be quite deceiving. He is actually very gentle and also adores the kids just the same. The kids in the school get to give this dog belly rubs and pet him whenever they want. He gladly receives all this affection and has no complaints.

Angela Garcia Bernal

So then, the next question would be how the teachers of this school feel about Negro the dog. Do they feel that the dog is not good around the students of the school they work in? The teachers in this school seem to love the dog just as much as the kids do. Here we have Angela who works as a teacher at the school. She is responsible for giving Negro treats every day and never fails to feed the dog. In the following photo, you will see just how Negro gets to buy treats from people.

Getting Treats

If you have always wondered about the possibility of dogs learning to buy things from the store, here is your answer. It is possible and Negro is here to show you how. We can see the dog here standing on the counter, asking for his treat. We can also see he needs no help from other humans and Angela is sitting there at the back. Negro has learned how to buy things from the store since a long time ago but still gets to amaze people every time. So what does he trade them for? How do you think this dog that does not even have a job get to buy stuff? Where is the money that he uses coming from? Well, if you think Negro uses actual money to buy his treats with, you are thoroughly mistaken. He clearly does not have any money to use. So then, what does he use? This lovely uses a leaf to buy his treats in the stores of this school campus. Angela would always receive the leaves and hand Negro the treats each time. How does he trade the leaf?