World War II claimed millions of lives. It destroyed Japan and the effects of the nuclear attack on that country were such that children born there are still prone to be born with deformities or diseases. All forms of landscapes were used to bring all kinds of weapons into use. The war happened on land, sea, and air. Hundreds of ships sank in the Pearl Harbor and many planes crashed on the land. But what this scuba diver discovered underwater revealed something about the World War II that was not supposed to be known by mankind, ever. Your view of the history will not be the same when you see what I saw in these images and videos.

Brandi Mueller, The Diver

34 years old, Brandi Mueller is a professional in diving and somewhat of a photography enthusiast. She comes from Cameron, Wisconsin. She wants to explore the uncharted underground territories and capture scenery never before seen by humans led her to choose to be a Coast Guard professionally. Currently, she is the captain of one of the boats in the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Till now she has explored large areas of the Pacific Ocean and the breathtaking photographs below are all captured by her.

Turning Dream Into A Reality

Scuba Diving has been one of Mueller’s passion and she has been doing it since the age of 15. She was a curious child, obsessed with nature who kept stealing her parents’ camera just to capture the most captivating views that could be found around her. She decided that she would combine her love for nature and photography and turn it into a profession. Little did she know that this would make her the center of attraction for the entire world one day.

A Coastguard

Underwater Airplane GraveyardBecoming a Coastguard was an ideal option for Mueller as it provided her numerous opportunities to picture the most exotic and safely hidden specimens of the earth, underwater. She had mastered her job and was adept at it, she was so good that she even started giving diving lessons.

Her Work

Before taking you to the mind-numbing discovery she made, here is a photograph clicked by her on one of her diving expeditions. She has covered a lot of places like the Carribean, Australia, Hawaii and even Africa. Her favorite place to explore is nonetheless a huge strip of Marshall islands found between the Phillippines and Hawaii. This is where she made the jaw-dropping discovery.

The Discovery

Underwater Airplane GraveyardBrandi Mueller was on a break from her Coast Guard duty and was teaching diving lessons at a place five miles from Roi- Namur in the Marshall Islands when she stumbled upon what proved to be her most astonishing find underwater. What she found was so unexpected that first, she could not believe her eyes. It was only when she drew closer she could ascertain with her mind, what her eyes saw.

What Was It?

Underwater Airplane GraveyardShe was 31, and she became the center of attraction of the world media when she revealed in the following videos what she discovered. It had been lying there for over 70 years now, safely hidden from human eyes or intelligence. These World War II artifacts were never supposed to be discovered. They were intentionally hidden. But why?