It is a strange place we live in. Some of the most unusual things happen every day that bring us shock and wonder. Have you ever seen a grey haired baby? Apparently it is a very rare case that leaves many parents puzzled.

Majority of us only worry about problems like saggy skin, wrinkled faces or grey hair when we reach a very old age. Baby Bence has a very different case. This baby, from Székesfehérvár, Hungary, was born with a head covered with white/grey hair.

Bence was born rather normal at 21 inches and 12 pounds. When newborns come out with a full set of hair, it is very shocking but a baby with a full set of grey hair takes the crown as the most bizarre.

 Doctors had confirmed that this baby was indeed healthy in all other aspects of any other baby should be. But was his hair caused by albinism? It was indeed confusing for the experts…