We all know that the first thing we notice about someone is how they look. To judge others by their appearance is something highly common. When we look at someone, we immediately get a sense of what or who they are. We can be right most times, but sometimes, our assumptions can be very wrong too. If a person looks shabby and unkempt, we often identify them to be inferior to us. This is one case where one guy was given a very different treatment by the waiter because he looked ‘homeless’, teaching the waiter a very valuable lesson…

Any Compassion?

When you think of an expensive restaurant, who are the people you see dinging and sitting inside? The answer would be,  seemingly rich people who look nice and polished on the exterior. What would your response be if an untidy person sat inside too among all the other sophisticated folks? Society has made perception of how such restaurants should appear…

Cooking Up A Plan

When you see a fancy restaurant, we always imagine rich people enjoying their time there. These people with their designer handbags and expensive clothing seem to fit our expectations of who should dine there. But a group of guys decided to go against this system and do something a little different. They decided to let try and sneak in a homeless man into a fancy restaurant.

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Unimportant Person

What comes to mind when we speak of homeless people? Well, most of us would automatically imagine a person with untidy hair, unwashed hands, and dirty clothing. No one ever pays attention to them much and usually, a homeless person can be spotted living in abandoned homes. Some also prefer to stay in an alley or a park where they remain undisturbed.

People Who Blend In

You would not really see them or notice them much when you walk around the streets. These homeless people do not really draw much attention. They usually just blend in with the background of the crowded city. But as we all know, we only notice something when they are kept in a place they do not belong. And so just like this, a homeless guy drew much attention at a fancy restaurant.

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Not Very Popular

However, there are some homeless people who do not appear so. Some folks who live on the streets do not even look like they’re homeless. They seem very normal and would never strike you as a person who does not have a place to live in. They do not stand out much and so we don’t know anything much about them or their origin at all…

How To Differentiate?

But there is always an easy way to identify whether someone is homeless or not. When you actually talk to them or they talk to you, a homeless person after looking at us would quickly ask us for food or money. Since they do not have any paying job or any source of income, they end up asking people for treats or money. This is the easiest way to distinguish a homeless fellow.

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