Bravery and courage is something we must all aspire to attain. Also, we must always aim to be hard working and efficient in whatever we do. A soldier is someone who puts all of these qualities and uses them to do something positive for his country. Since they are putting their lives on the line and sacrificing their safety for their country, they are often awarded for their efforts. Here is a man who lies above all to become the most awarded militant ever. Read how he became such an inspirational person in the military community.

Hard Beginnings

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Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller came to this earth all the way back in the year 1898. He was born to a family living in West Point, Virginia. If you pay attention to the military and what they do, you would know that America’s most notable military academy is also named West Point. Puller had always wanted to join the military from a young age and he was not about to let any obstacle stop him from achieving the goals he has set for himself even at a tender age…