Many say pregnancy is a beautiful phase. One gets to feel a lot of emotions while experiencing it. Every day and every second you go through a new and wonderful feeling. One has never understood life until a little life has grown inside them. A woman is really lucky to have been gifted this chance of a lifetime.

Alexandra Kinova was living the life of her dreams. She was cherishing every moment and when she got pregnant for the first time she was over the moon. As days got brighter, she conceived her second child. But this time it was a lot different from her previous one. Even she wouldn’t have thought that this one will make her the woman to face a case that occurs only once in 480 years. What was it?

Array Of Emotions

She was happy. She was tensed. Maybe she was anxious. She couldn’t think beyond the birth of her second child. But at the same time, it was recalling her of her first delivery. Labor pain and contractions still frighten her still she was looking forward to experiencing it all over again. She was excited unaware of the way life will turn out to be in the days to come.

A Challenge

Pregnancy is a challenging phase. It is the only stage in life which is extremely unpredictable. Everyone prays that may this phase pass through smoothly and without any complications. Producing a life inside you needs being cautious and extreme care. While Alexandra did her very best for her second child, life had some other plans for the baby that was yet to be born.

First Of Its Kind

Alex knew what it was to go through labor pain. She had tasted it with the birth of her first child-her son with her husband Antonin Kroscen. While she crossed her fingers this time and calmed herself to face it yet again, she never anticipated that this delivery will be one of its kind for nearly next 500 years to come.

 The Power Couple

Alexandra and her partner Antonin Kinova were the residents of Milovice, Czech Republic. The duo was doing pretty good together and with the birth of their first baby, their much-awaited dream of turning into parents was fulfilled. However, they still wanted more.

An Expectation

Alex and Antonin wanted a second child. And this time they had some expectations from their pregnancy. They wanted to have a daughter so that in every sense their family was complete. Other than this they had a very crazy desire from this pregnancy. Something not many really want.

Twin Birth

Alex and Antonin both wanted to have a pair of twins in their second conception. It wasn’t quite strange for them to expect so. They wanted to raise twin babies and they had high hopes attached to this pregnancy. However, their expectation and hopes probably turned into their worst nightmare.

A History

The couple had every reason to think of having twins. Both Alex and Antonin had a family history of having twins before. They had cousins brothers and sisters who were twins. While they anticipated having twin birth due to the heredity and family history, was something like this likely to happen