There is a famous dialogue in the movie When Harry Met Sally that goes like this “It’s so nice when you can sit with someone and not have to talk.” Very few people have that special friend in their lives with whom they can spend hours without communicating in words and still feels the same comfort. This story is just about that friendship that includes big dogs and small kids. Despite their glaring differences, they make a beautiful vision to capture. Along with their stories, we are also sharing some of their cutest picture that will surely make your day and you wouldn’t help but poke your friend who is sitting beside you to see them or perhaps you will have your long subsided memory of friendship come back to your memory store.

Newborn babies are cute and the dogs too are very adorable. What if we put them both in the same frame? We present some of the best pictures that have captured the cuteness in its best form. Go through the slides and chose which one of them is your favorite.

Awww, this is so cute. Who would not fall for the cute little boy Dimitri? But the boy gave his heart to, Fred, a yellow Lab. Fred and Dimitri made friends when the kiddo went over to his grandmother’s house. Fred used to visit him every day and they played together. Whereas the dog showed his affection to him by licking him, Dimitri loved kissing him. The picture captures one of those precious moments when four-year-old Dimitri showers his pal with lots of kisses. It is their love for each other that made this picture so beautiful. Sadly, the pair had to split as Fred’s family moved to some other place, taking him away with them. Though Dimitri can’t play with his chubby and fluffy friend anymore, he always can remember him by looking at these cute pictures.