The Yantian Port

Yantian, a deepwater port located in Dapeng Bay is believed to become the mainland’ second-busiest container port. After seven months of this port becoming an administrative district, the Yantian port has been busy 24/7 without stopping. “As the trend goes on, Yantian will become one of the top 10 container ports in the world,” said the vice-magistrate. The Yantian port was getting busier day by day, which was also becoming very hectic for the authorities. Every day and night several cargo ships were coming and leaving. The process which might seem easy to us in fact, it’s not. There is a lot of paperwork involved as the sea couldn’t be checked the way we can keep eye on the land. But we humans have a limit. Bad times don’t come knocking on your door. The same happened that day when this ship was able to cross the checkpoint and was holding something unexpectable inside.