An Old Man

On the morning of 3rd, a very aged customer entered the waffle house and took a seat right in front of where Evoni was working. He ordered a plate of ham and was waiting for his order in the hopes of having a different and tasty meal than his usual routine. 

Intense Working

Since the waffle house was always a very busy place, it took a lot of effort for Evoni to keep up with the work. She used to work very hard and try to make the customers happy. But what she did with the old man was unbelievable. 

Strange Act

On the morning of 3rd, Evoni was working just like any other day, bringing in food for the customers. The old man had ordered his meal and when Evoni got him his food, what she did to his plate was very weird and unthinkable. 


Evoni did not notice that her actions were being noticed. She went on with what she had planned, unaware that someone’s eyes were on her, not just looking at what she was doing, but also capturing every action of hers. 


Laura was taken aback when she saw what Evoni was up to. She could not believe her eyes. She had known that Evoni was up to something weird when she saw her move her eyes furtively in all directions before moving with her plan further. 

Never Seen Before

Laura had never seen someone do any such thing before. She was just astonished and did not understand what to say or do. The only thing running in her mind was, was Evoni really doing what she was seeing? And how?