Who doesn’t like to have a lavish and tasty breakfast before starting a long day?
In the hope to catch a plate of delicious breakfast, an old man from Texas went to The Waffle House in La Marque. But the meal wouldn’t go as planned.

A waitress working in The Waffle house will do something unimaginable to the food in an old man’s plate that you will always think twice before ordering.
And when another lady saw what this waitress was up to, she secretly made a video of her and it went viral!

Laura Wolf

Laura owns a salon in La Marque, Texas. One of her favorite food joints has been The Waffle House and she loves visiting the place. But she had no idea she would witness something so strange when she walked into the waffle house on the morning of March 3rd.  

Busy Day

The day at the waffle house was a very busy day, full of customers in wait for a delicious breakfast. The Waffle House has been one of the most famous places in the city of La Marque. But even a day with people all around did not stop this waitress from doing what she did. 


Just like any other day, Laura had ordered her cup of coffee. She was enjoying every sip of it and looking at people around her doing their own thing. That is when she noticed the weird behavior of one of the waitress’ and she almost choked on her coffee.


Laura caught the waitress red-handed when the latter did something unimaginable. And the first thought that came to Laura’s mind was to make a video of what the waitress was doing so that she could show it to everyone. 

Evoni Williams

The waitress in question here is Evani Williams, an 18-year-old woman who has been working at the waffle house for quite some time now, in order to collect and save money for her college. But everything changed after the 3rd of March. 

Weird Feeling

Laura had been noticing Evani for quite some time now, during every visit she had made to the waffle house. Laura always had her eyes on Evani because she always thought she was up to something. And on that day, she was proven right.