Happily Married

Sarah and Andy had been married for 3 years, living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they had everything around them working just brilliant. Not as usual as it sounds, they decided to have a boy to complete their family. Since the very moment they thought of it, they’d no idea what they’re putting their feet’s into. Well, not literally, just saying.

Besides, you will agree that everything changes the moment kids make their place in each couple’s life. Then what it was that made it surprisingly unique for Andy and Sarah? We’ll take you through their extremely incredible story that’s full of amazing surprises!

Expert Advice

Sarah and Andy were trying to conceive for over 3 and a half years now and it started concerning them. Their regular doctor referred them to a specialist. They understood that some sort of help might be needed for them and hence they decided to consult a fertility expert. Soon with high hopes, they set off for Missouri, believing that nothing serious is about to happen and it’ll be like just another routine checkup.