Now that’s the beauty of life, no one having an idea about what’s coming next. Not to deny, at times, if given a chance we would definitely love to sneak into what’s next there for us. But that’s not the case dear! The secret to happiness lies in dealing with the unexpected first and later on continue planning. Something similar was waiting for Sarah Justice and her husband Andy Justice. “We were very happy. Did we panic a little? Of course.”

Happily Married

Sarah and Andy had been married for 3 years, living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they had everything around them working just brilliant. Not as usual as it sounds, they decided to have a boy to complete their family. Since the very moment they thought of it, they’d no idea what they’re putting their feet’s into. Well, not literally, just saying.

Besides, you will agree that everything changes the moment girls make their place in each couple’s life. Then what it was that made it surprisingly unique for Andy and Sarah? We’ll take you through their extremely incredible story that’s full of amazing surprises!

Expert Advice

Sarah and Andy were trying to conceive for over 3 and a half years now and it started concerning them. Their regular doctor referred them to a specialist. They understood that some sort of help might be needed for them and hence they decided to consult a fertility expert. Soon with high hopes, they set off for Missouri, believing that nothing serious is about to happen and it’ll be like just another routine checkup. In 2014, the couple traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, to seek a fertility specialist’s advice. They drove straight for six hours hoping for something good. Unfortunately, a bad news was waiting for the Justices. After their long journey, Sarah and Andy were expecting positive results. The doctor informed them there’s nothing wrong with trying, the chances are only 10% though. Yes, it left the couple upset but they were looking forward to the next alternate.

Looking For Other Options

The Justices were not ready to give up so soon, as they really wanted to have kids. They started looking for other ways but like most of the couples, adoption wasn’t their first choice either. Sarah and Andy knew any medical treatment might cost them a lot. How much? they weren’t aware of this part so far. So they looked for an answer, the answer was about to become another disappointment for the sweet couple. Wonder how? “We took that as a ‘no,’ ” Andy says as the cost of in-vitro fertilization might cost up to $60,000 which the Justices just couldn’t afford it. Especially, when they were aware of the possibilities, of it, working out is less and hence one door closed for them and they looked forward. The other option left was adoption and the couple made themselves happy with this idea too.

Adoption Could Be A Right Choice

Though they were aware it might take years before they could actually adopt. As decided they started making a list of the adoption agencies and were preparing themselves for the interviews. Initially, they thought to adopt, however they were ready to go as per the situation and felt completely ready to welcome a boy in their lives. Sarah and Andy didn’t want to miss the opportunity once any mother opts them. Sarah and Andy waited to get shortlisted by a birth mother who would love them to raise her girl. They went through different interviews in different cities and it was a task tougher than they thought it would be. Their desire to have a boy was the only thing that kept them going through the tough times. And why wouldn’t it? They were already parents just without a boy. Now the idea that they were just one call away from knowing their girl, kept them motivated.

Rejected As Parents

The first time they were selected to adopt the boy, both of them started preparing themselves and waiting on the due date. Sadly, the birth mother of the girl changed her mind at the last moment, which left the Justice couple dishearted. They had no clue about how long it might take before someone else selects them and eventually that would complete their family. As adoption seem was the only light they could see at the end of the tunnel. They called the adoption agency and said they’ll continue waiting for it as they were before. Sarah remembers, “Then they changed their minds, it was very hard to get our hopes up like that and then be disappointed and have to start all over.” It was the second time for them and the same thing happened. On one side they respected the birth mother’s decision to keep her girl, and on the other side they ended up feeling helpless and without a little angel cheering their house. The second denial though was a sudden shock and forced them to believe that maybe no one will ever pick them as the parents.