They say having kids is the best thing that could ever happen to you. They bring so much love and life to a family with their innocence and playfulness. As parents, it would be ideal to have both sons and daughters because ”the more the merrier” right? Well, this couple had been trying to have a daughter for years and finally, they were pregnant with one…or were they?

Preparatory Months

It is exciting for any couple to be nearing the birth of their child. Parents often feel all sorts of nervousness and excitement when they are about to welcome their newborn baby to the world. The past few days at the Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, California, had all been in preparation for a precious moment. The whole family had been gearing up for this.

A Dream Come True

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After finding out that she was pregnant, Angie and Gino were extremely excited to add more to their already growing family. They were delighted to learn that she was finally going to have a gender that they had always longed for. When the doctors told them the good news, the couple was already in a celebratory mood as it was like a dream come true for them.

Two Sons

As we have mentioned earlier, Angie and Gino had been married for some time and decided it was high time they had a family of their own. They ended up expanding their family by having two little boys. They felt truly blessed to have two healthy sons but deep down they felt like the family was still not complete. What were they still longing for?

Pregnant Once More

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They still wanted more babies as they felt like they could handle more babies. Angie and Gino were quite effortless as parents and they could take proper care of their two boys. They were confident that they could handle more and so they were over the moon to discover that Angie was pregnant once again. It was like music to their ears.

Doctor’s Discovery

When they learned that Angie was pregnant, the couple did not waste any time to go for a medical check-up. They did not want to risk anything when it came down to Angie and the new baby’s health. In the first few weeks of her pregnancy, the doctors confirmed that her progress was healthy. After going on a routine check-up one day, they doctors had something else to say.

To See A Specialist

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When Angie and Gino went to see that doctor that day, they expected everything to go smoothly like any other day. They became quite alarmed when their doctor Sean Daneshmand, revealed to her that she needed some specialist care. What was the reason and why would she have to go and see a specialist? Was there something wrong? SO many questions filled their heads.