For a couple from California, everything seemed to be going perfectly in their lives. Well, obviously being blessed with two adorable children and a well-settled life in a friendly locality is something that every American-family has on their bucket list. But, as we all know that life is full of twists and turns prediction of which is impossible for us. Something similar happened with this couple when they suddenly witnessed their happy family breaking into pieces. The events which followed next are sure to send chills down your spine with a mind-bending conclusion. Read on to find out…

A Proud Mother

No wonder Sherri Papini was an epitome of the all-American girl. Well, if you are blessed with stunning looks and manage to be the same way at the age of 34 people around you are surely going to get amazed and surprised. A major reason for this was the perfect married life she was enjoying. She was married to Keith Papini who was extremely dedicated and loving with the couple having two adorable children, a son named Tyler who was 4-year-old and a 2-year-old daughter named Violet. Sherri was a housewife who enjoyed spending her day with the kids. A “Super Mom” for her family, Sherri was unaware that the future had planned to wind her up in something unbelievable!

The Perfect American Family

Knowing the way in which the lives of this family of four turned upside down, it becomes imperative to make you acquainted with their background. So, this family resided in Redding, California. The parents were very happy with the neighborhood as it was known to be a safe and peaceful place to raise small children. Whereas Sherri used to take care of the household chores, her husband Keith worked as an audio-video specialist. Sherri used to be with the kids all the time except for two days in the week when the children went to daycare. This truly shows that the family was closely-knitted and one bound with divine virtues. Now, after knowing these facts you will surely be left perplexed once you get a hold of the strange incident which occurred.

Not The First One

You would be surprised to know that Keith Papini was Sherri’s second husband. As, before him, she was married to David Dreyfus. She had no children with him. After divorcing David in the year 2007, Sherri started dating Keith after spending a peaceful and lonely spell for some months following the divorce. David had everything nice to say about Sherri when asked by the people after their divorce. This proves that the two did not share any animosity and the reason for their split was not something extremely bitter and shows that Sherri was someone who took each and every decision wisely coming up with the best conclusion in the worst of situations.

On For A Jog

It was on November 2, 2016, that things started to take a dark turn for the Papini family. Actually, Sherri had a habit of going out for a jog when her children used to be at the daycare. So, her close friends and the people in the locality had become acquainted with the sight of a jogging Sherri. So, when on this particular day, the people at the daycare did not see Sherri coming to pick her children up they realized that something was fishy, as, it had never happened before not even a single day. Eventually, it didn’t take them long to fathom the fact that Sherri had gone missing. But, how?

The Last Text

In order to comprehend and get a hold of the situation, Keith shared the conversation he had with Sherri earlier on that day. He said,“I received a text message from her at 10:37 a..m. that day asking me if I was coming for lunch. I usually don’t bring my personal phone to my job. So I didn’t respond to that message until 1:39 p.m. that day.” He was totally unaware of the magnitude of the mishap coming on his way that was going to completely dismantle his perfect life.