This is an amazing incident which occurred in England. After fulfilling their desire of bringing a puppy to their house, a couple’s life turned on its head after the series of developments which took place months after the puppy’s arrival. Their perception towards the puppy they had brought initially in their small house completely changed after some time.

A Desire

Keeping a puppy in one’s house is an idea that comes to many people’s mind. For which they put an ardent effort in particularly selecting the breed which would suit them and most importantly be a source of happiness for the family. But, when a family from Lincolnshire, England decided to do something like that, they ended up experiencing something unbelievable.


The task of finding a puppy which would perfectly suit their household proved to be an easy task for the couple of Sue and Robert Markham living in Lincolnshire, England. The reason being that Sue was a worker in a neighborhood rescue kennel. Eventually, one day she saw a dog in the kennel and fell in love with it at the very first sight.

Love At First Sight!

The dog that Sue chose is the one in the image. Seeing the cute and chubby face it, you’ll not be surprised on knowing that Sue made up her mind in an instant that this was the dog that she was craving for as a pet. She did the same and took the dog to her home.

Yogi Bear

After bringing the cute dog to her home, she couldn’t resist herself from playing with it. She even named it Yogi Bear getting inspired by the dog’s chubby look. But, there was one dilemma that was lingering in her mind amidst all this. But, what?

The Dilemma

Apparently, Sue’s husband Robert was a man who was very choosy when it came to selecting a dog for their house. So, Sue was not very sure of the fact that Robert would happily accept her decision or not. But, what Sue decided to do in order to evade this problem was the factor which turned the couple’s world upside down.

A Lie

Though very chubby, the dog did not weigh much. The tiny creature weighed around 1 pound and 5 ounces. Sue lied to Robert saying that she had brought a Jack Russell puppy to the house a decision to which Robert was in affirmation. In order to pay for the dog, Sue continued her work in the shelter.