Everyone has this desire of owning a dream house. A house that is the best combination of comfort and luxury. Imagine after much wait you finally manage to buy the house you always wanted, but it brings with it a lot of hidden secrets. As days pass by you find some of the rarest things and surprisingly, the secrets continue to unravel. The dream house turns into a house of mysteries. How will you react?

A couple from Arizona, shifts to a new house that was a fixer-upper. And as the repair work starts, the couple was surprised to discover a hidden safe that had been lying there since ages. And what they found inside it, took them on a wild adventure. Come, let’s too embark upon this adventurous journey.

The Couple

Angie and Eddie were a couple from Phoenix, Arizona. Their life was going just as usual. Every morning the duo would get up for work and head to their respective offices. They both were working hard and saving every penny possible to fulfill their dream. The dream that will leave them flabbergasted in days to come.

Dream Home

Every couple has this desire to own a house which is their dream home. The home that is more than a roof over the head, more than four walls of brick and concrete. Angie and Eddie were no different, they were working hard to afford a house they had been yearning to buy. However, they were clueless about how this new space would turn their lives upside down.

Mysterious Place

The duo would have never thought that the house they had been saving for, would unravel its deepest lying hidden mysteries to them. None can really hope of finding old safes in a house that was abandoned since long. Finding something this mysterious in the most unexpected place would take them on a bumpy ride.

Adventurous Nature

Angie and Eddie were a couple of adventurous nature. They both had always enjoyed the thrilling expeditions. They always felt that life is lived the best only when one tastes adventure in it. And just when they both thought that they have had enough adventures, their new house gave them another one.

The New House

After much of cost-cutting in their budgets and saving every penny possible, the couple was at last able to afford the house they always wanted. It was situated in the prime location of Phoenix and had all the facilities much-needed for a living. The only problem it had was, it was a fixer-upper.

Needed Repairs

The house was in a poor condition. It was the one that needed instant repairs. The broken walls, dilapidated rooms, and backyard, everything needed to be fixed. And Eddie and Angie were all set to do so. Little did they know that while repairing this place, they will come across the hidden.