The Holiday

Ariel and Quinn just like any other couple were excited about their vacation. They had shopped together and color-coordinated their outfits for this vacation. They wanted to make the best of this time. In their excitement, they did not realize that plans and vacations are something that never goes as planned.

A Surprise

Quinn had some special plans for this vacation. He wanted to make his and Ariel’s relationship an official one and wanted to take it a step ahead. Quinn decided to propose to Ariel on this vacation and make it a memorable one. The vacation did turn into a memorable one but all for wrong reasons.

On Knees

It was there last day at the beach vacation. They both had the best moments of their life then. Ariel fell more in love with Quinn. She would often stare at him in the eyes and would be thankful to the Lord for giving her this blessing. And that night, Quinn did something equally great. He went on his knees. OMG! OMG! That must have been a hell of a surprise for Ariel. Or wasn’t it?

Quick Thoughts

The moment¬†Quinn went on his knees, Ariel’s excitement and enthusiasm had no boundaries. Probably she had been waiting for this day since long. It was perfect weather, at the beachside and just two of them, the time was just what it is supposed to be to pop out the question, and as Ariel saw that ring box in Quinn’s hand, she made certain rough assumptions about her ring. What were they?

Huge Stone

Just like any other girl would have been thinking about the ring in that box, Ariel too was. Will it be a huge 26-carat ring, or would it be diamond or gold? Maybe he got platinum. What shape would it be? Will it be some ruby or emerald? Ariel’s eyes were glued at the box, and when Quinn unlocked it, Ariel had her jaws dropped but only for a few seconds. Why?

Wait, What

As Quinn unlocked the box, Ariel was amazed at it. She had never hoped to find anything like that in it. All she had to say to herself was, am I seeing the right thing? Is it happening in reality? She went speechless for a moment or two. Was the ring something that came right from the fairyland? What was it? Or wasn’t there anything?