Almost every woman has this dream of flaunting her huge diamond engagement ring on her ring finger. The mere feeling of adorning that piece of stone is priceless, though the stone must be costing you dollars. A majority of us know that why that ring is worn on the ring finger, still realizing that it is the only finger whose nerve travels up to our heart makes this feeling even more beautiful.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to flaunt and make other women jealous of that piece of diamond. There are some like Ariel Desiree McRae. Not that she wasn’t able to get a ring. She got one. But her life turned at the point while she along with her fiancee was purchasing that engagement ring. They were prey to a huge embarrassment. But why? All they did was buying a ring they loved. Read in here the absurd reason for which they were ashamed.

Quite Strange

This is a natural instinct that as and when one gets engaged, the women, in particular, keeps on staring at their finger and that ring. It is something every girl had been waiting for all her life. But, when Ariel decided to outshine her engagement ring, things did not go as expected. Rather she was taken aback by the responses she received towards that ring. What was this peculiar thing about this?

Deceptive Diamonds

While people say that “all those glitters are not gold”, similarly “not all stones are diamond”. What was that thing which made Ariel regret her decision of showing off her ring? Was her diamond ring an artificial one? Or was it too expensive to be real? Maybe her ring was a lot different from people had anticipated it. Whatever it was, Ariel had to pay a high price for it. Yet, again, why?

Individual Beings

Ariel and Quinn McRae were very young when they met. Ariel was only 21 years then and Quinn was 22 in age. They both were independent beings with their own set of dreams and aspirations. They wanted a relationship but it was never meant to become their whole life until the day the story of Ariel’s engagement ring went viral.

The First Meet

Ariel and Quinn first time met at a house party being organized by a common friend of theirs. Ariel went there with her best friend while Quinn was the best friend of the party organizer. The duo had never seen each other before and that night when they were introduced, their hearts skipped a beat. Probably, it was meant to be.

Something Missing

The duo never met after that house party and it was then they started to realize that something was missing in their lives. The absence of each other in their lives was killing them somewhere. Quinn arranged Ariel’s contact details through his friend. After realizing that the feeling of missing each other was mutual, the duo did not waste a second and decided to meet. Little did they know how would the things shape in future.

Date Game

After having days and night filled with conversations, Ariel and Quinn met. They shared deep feelings for each other. And as time passed their dating game grew strong. The duo then decided to go on for a vacation and celebrate their togetherness. However, neither of them knew how their life will change at this vacation and how would making their relationship legal will take a toll.