Quite Strange

This is a natural instinct that as and when one gets engaged, the women, in particular, keeps on staring at their finger and that ring. It is something every girl had been waiting for all her life. But, when Ariel decided to outshine her engagement ring, things did not go as expected. Rather she had to regret this decision of hers. Ariel and Quinn McRae were very young when they met. Ariel was only 21 years then and Quinn was 22 in age. They both were independent beings with their own set of dreams and aspirations.

The First Meet

Ariel and Quinn first time met at a house party being organized by a common friend of theirs. Ariel went there with her best friend while Quinn was the best friend of the party organizer. The duo had never seen each other before and that night when they were introduced, their hearts skipped a beat. Probably, it was meant to be.

Let’s Shop

Ariel hugged Quinn tight. She knew that it was his love for her that mattered to her most and not the ring. However, she could not ignore that the ring was still missing. The duo decided to go and shop at the jewelry store to buy themselves the needful. Little did they know that the staff at the store would compel them to share the tale of their engagement ring over the web.

Sharing The Story

Despite what all the staff person said the couple bought this ring. But Ariel decided to share this tale over Facebook and inform people about the same. She even questions people as to how important the size and the price of an engagement ring is to count it as a priceless possession.

I Loved It

Ariel tells Quinn that this ring is exactly what she wanted and he need not be disheartened by what all the saleswoman said. The duo was happy as they stood by each other and in the days to come they would also be celebrating their second anniversary. And this would be a grand event.