A Sunny Day

It was a normal day for Danielle and Bobby but they might not have thought that such a day would bring an unforeseen adventure into their lives and would have the potential to change their lives.

That Day

Everything had been planned for that day in advance. Danielle, Bobby, kids, and pets, all were excited about the trip, after all, being together is what they always wanted. Danielle had already packed lunch and snacks as well. Though the weather was sunny, the heat was bearable.

The Journey

They hit the road as soon as the dawn broke. With patriotic songs playing in the background, the mother was telling the kids stories of heroes who had sacrificed their lives in order to protect the country from the enemies.

The Visit

The couple along with the kids and pets visited the graves to pay tribute to the martyred soldiers. They were told about the story of their martyrdom. The kids wandered for a while around the graveyard scrutinizing things nearby and the pets followed them as well.

Exhausting Day

After hours of traveling and going places, at noon finally they headed for home. All were dead tired and needed rest from the hectic journey. They visited the graveyards every year without a fail. But was it just another Memorial day of that year or something more memorable was waiting for them on their way back home?

Back To Home

It was almost noon when they were passing through rural Pennsylvania on their way back home. Danielle was singing some old songs with her daughter and even the dogs were trying to match the rhythm with their bark making it a happy affair altogether.