Old places and things generally showcase something that leaves us amazed and pondering about its very existence. But, for this couple, a simple task of renovating their basement turned out to be memorable and something that they will remember for being extremely shrouded in mystery.

A couple bought a house built in the 1940’s and this is their story.

A Strange Discovery

hidden boxThey were on to their task to clean their house with all their vigor. Suddenly, they were taken aback by the sight of a box concealed in the ceiling. It was when they were working down in one of the basement’s corners that they found the mysterious box hidden next to a pipe.

Growing Curiosity

hidden box in the ceilingThe interesting fact that the house was very old, precisely being built in the 1940s, and had gone through multiple owners intrigued the couple all the more. From the moment they saw the box, they went restless. Along with speculating about the contents of the box, the couple had a constant fear as to what might they discover.

Easy To Lift

hidden boxThe owners decided to end the suspense by deciding to take it out and open it. Surprisingly, the box didn’t require much effort to lift as it was very light, but they were sure of one thing that it was not empty. There was definitely something in it.

Toy Banana

hidden boxAfter taking it out, the couple used a toy banana for scale. “We took the box outside. It had something inside, but nothing heavy like coins or gold bars. I thought I might get lucky, though,” one of the owners recalled.