The heights of mountains and the depths of oceans hide so many secrets that humans are yet to discover. Sometimes what scientists keep on looking for years, is found by the common men in most unexpected places. This story is about one such big-time mysterious discovery made by a couple who was just trying to enjoy their holiday.

Helmut and Erika’s holidays will be ending up completely opposite to what they initially planned and trust us, you can’t guess what they found up in the mountains.

The Simons

German couple Helmut and Erika Simon were planning for a special trip from a long time. It was going to be a trip to their hometown, ie, Nuremberg, in the Alpine region. It is located on the Italy-Austria border. The couple was planning a soothing trip but it will be nothing close to an ordinary holiday. What they discovered was misunderstood by everyone at first but as soon as this mystery started to unravel, all the things including the curse, the theory, and the mystery behind it started to become clear.