The heights of mountains and the depths of oceans hide so many secrets that humans are yet to discover. Sometimes what scientists keep on looking for years, is found by the common men in most unexpected places. This story is about one such big-time mysterious discovery made by a couple who was just trying to enjoy their holiday.

Helmut and Erika’s holidays will be ending up completely opposite to what they initially planned and trust us, you can’t guess what they found up in the mountains.

The Simons

German couple Helmut and Erika Simon were planning for a special trip from a long time. It was going to be a trip to their hometown, ie, Nuremberg, in the Alpine region. It is located on the Italy-Austria border. The couple was planning a soothing trip but it will be nothing close to an ordinary holiday. What they discovered was misunderstood by everyone at first but as soon as this mystery started to unravel, all the things including the curse, the theory, and the mystery behind it started to become clear.

Before The Summit

The Simons were adventurous souls and they were all set to go hiking on the mystical peaks of Otztal Alps. They wanted to spend some time far from everyone in the beautiful mountain region. To have some quality time while hiking across the woods, snowy mountains till the highest point they were trying to reach. Unfortunately, they will never be able to complete their hike.  Who knew a chilling sight was waiting for them midway.

An Obstacle?

On September 19th, 1991, the couple started as per their usual hiking schedule but they stopped to check on something that seemed off. From a distance, it looked like a little piece of wood popping out of the snow. But it was odd to find a wooden piece, particularly at such high altitude. When the Simons took a closer look at it, they knew it wasn’t going to be a good day anymore.

Something Odd
italian alps discovery

That morning the Simons found a human corpse that was almost covered with snow. the corpse was lying in an upside-down position and the left side was crossing rightwards under the body. The German couple was scared and all sorts of negative thoughts surrounded them. They didn’t know it was completely different from what they had assumed it to be.

An Unfortunate Mountaineer

Helmut and Erika Simon thought it was some mountaineer who had died while hiking and was never able to make it back to his home. But this was a mystery much deeper than that. It wasn’t a mountaineer then what was it? The couple believed in signs strongly and after seeing this, there was no point of continuing the trek rather the couple did what they thought will be the wisest thing to do.

Local Police Intervened

They informed the local police about the encounter. And when the authorities reached on the reported spot, they understood it was not a common thing to happen and that they’ll need specialists to take a look at it. The police needed to solve this mystery but the solution to this was not only out of their hands but also out of their knowledge.