Asking Questions

Michael always tried to be warm with the people on the high-way and behaved nicely to the individuals who pulled over when he signaled them for the first time. And here the man in the car seemed to be really cooperating. The driver came out of the car at once and Michael started to ask certain questions to him unaware of the fact that soon he would discover something that would change his life forever.


It was kind of embarrassing for the driver as he realized that neither he was speeding up nor was he doing anything unethical. But he was unaware that the tints of his car’s window would pose such a problem. And surprisingly he was supposed to know what the legal limit was. Wondering how did he know about the same?


He was well aware of the legal limit of the tints because he too happened to be a policeman who had served for 30 years before he retired from his services. He too just like Michael loved his job and it was a big deal for him. He was in this profession for so long so he knew how to handle the situation. 

Not On Purpose

The cop didn’t do it on purpose he just liked the tints but somehow it exceeded the legal limits. Obviously he didn’t want to battle on this with the other cop. He realized he needed to fix the tint as soon as possible and took out the number of the person to whom he could ask to fix this. But first, he had to come out of this situation.


There seemed to be a natural bonding between the two when they both found out that they had the same professional background. So after a little serious talk about the tint, their conversation bent towards their job. Michael, however, was unaware that these small chit-chats would end up making a significant discovery about himself.

Former Policeman

When the driver of the car gave Michael his introduction, he was surprised what followed next. He told Michael that he too had served for 30 years and his name was Matthew Bailly. He had served in the place called Piscataway which was 40 miles away from the present place. Michael was totally stunned by this piece of information. What was the connection between the place and Michael that made him jump on his feet after listening to the former policeman?