Nowadays every other person suffers from Monday blues and sometimes these Monday blues get extended to the whole week. Because it becomes boring for people to do the same kind of work every day. But that doesn’t mean the world is full of people who hate going to work. There are some for whom their job always remains their first love. Just like the protagonist of the story Michael Patterson, a state trooper who used to do his work sincerely despite the monotony and one day encounters a life-changing event while he was doing his duty. What might have happened that could possibly change a trooper’s life forever?

Meet Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson who lived in New Jersey worked as a state trooper. He loved his job and was dedicated to his duties. He was one of the nicest troopers in the state and would be ready to help people whenever they need. He wasn’t like one of those cops who would go on pulling cars just to annoy people. Then what might have happened that changed his life?

Necessary Actions

He never used his powers just to threaten the public and would often ask people to pull their cars over when the issue was really serious. And even if he would ask anyone to pullover, he would instruct them while writing a ticket which other cops would rarely do. Since most of the cases would be related to speed, so it used to get stale really quick. Though he used to be really polite, there would often be some people who would be unhappy to see him.

A Shiny Car

It was just another usual morning in June and he was patrolling the Kingwood Township Highway. He saw a white BMW on the other side of the lane which had something about it that made him run towards it to signal the driver to stop. He would generally stop drivers if they were exceeding the speed limit or driving erratically. Then what was so peculiar about the car that made him stop it?

Windows Of The Car

Though the driver of the car was driving in his/her limits and was following all the rules, there was something about the car that was violating the laws. The car had tinted windows rather than normal see-through ones. But most people had tinted their car’s window, what was a big deal about this car then?

Too Dark Tints

The troopers usually don’t have so much time to pull a car over for a slight tint on the windows of the car. Tints are basically used by the drivers to protect them and the passengers from the rays of the sun and most of the tints are totally acceptable. People are hardly asked to pull over just because of a tinted window. But here Michael had asked a car to stop so there might be a serious issue with the color of the tints.


The windows of the car were way more tinted that it restricted the visibility and it had posed a problem for the driver which made Michael signal the car to stop. The tints of the car were violating the legal limits so he had to do his duty as an officer. Such kind of tint might invite unwanted complications while driving so he had to signal the driver to stop. Would the driver pull over on his signal?