This is true they don’t have a home but they all have a life story. And some homeless people’s stories amaze you completely. Meet Mick Myers, a homeless man who has a life story that will astonish you to your core. The man lived homelessly and all alone for three decades. And in those thirty years, the man suffered a lot. He lost his family, his job and what more. It is then someone entered his life and turned it upside down. It was a cop who could not help but get intrigued by him.

The cop heard his life story and felt deeply moved. The deputy soon learned that the man had no ID. It was an astonishing revelation. The cop who wanted to help the homeless decided to get him an ID. And it was while going through his documents his eyes caught a detail that took him by surprise. Astonishingly, Myers himself had not told him about the detail the cop had dug out.  Now his mission had another goal that was shaped by the information that the cop found on his own.

Mick Myers

Mick Myers came to the world in 1950. The boy lost his parents just after his birth. However, he got adopted when he was only two years old. His adoptive family hailed from San Leandro, California. Everybody thought that the difficult days of the kid was over. Little did they know it was just the beginning. Myres was not above average in studies although he liked partaking in extracurricular activities, such as high school marching band. But still, his student life was better than his personal life.

Michael Myers Homeless