Life is like a roller coaster ride, with several ups and downs in the journey but lastly, everything is back on the track. Keeping this in mind, many people take their serious life decisions, unaware of the consequences, they decide to take a chance and explore their limits. Sometimes, the rash decisions could lead to a world where you could easily get in, but after getting in, there is no escape. Here is a story about a youth who tried to break the stereotypes and wanted to be independent. Let’s explore the whole journey of a young adult, exploring the harsh world.


On December 11, 1816, Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th U.S. state. Even though agriculture is the main exercise throughout most of the states, manufacturing is one of the mainstream occupations. With a population of 6,691,878, this state is heading towards a great development.


Many important events unfolded with time. According to a census report of the year 1950, the white population of Indiana was 95.5% and 4.4% was the population of blacks. In the 1960s, the adoption of a sales tax of 2 % was done under the administration of Matthew E. Welsh. The beginning of 1970 marked a series of amendments to the state constitution. 

Back In 1949

Indiana schools were desegregated in 1949. Education was then declared as the primary need for any human living in a society. As the schools were desegregated, the literacy level went up and youth showed their potential by setting a level in the merit list.

Youth Of Indiana

The enthusiastic youth or Hoosiers of Indiana back in 1949, inspired by Anne Bexter, showed a keen interest in and extracurricular activities such as theatre and sports. The prime focus of the schools at that time was to focus on the holistic development of a child.


Breaking the stereotype, done with the roles of mothers, nurses, and wives, women started becoming independent. They took up education on priority so that they could have a bright future. The best thing was that, after being independent, they could select their husbands all on their own.

Genevieve Puritan

One of the independent ladies was a girl of 18 named Genevieve. She was just about to finish up high school in her hometown of La Porte, Indiana. With being a good scholar, she was the heartbeat of many young hearts. She was bold and beautiful and never missed an opportunity to make people understand her point of view.