He Offered a Complete Cosmetic Makeover

When they met, Salva had an overwhelming urge to totally transform Jose changing all of his hair to his clothing style. He wanted a complete makeover for Jose and ultimately asked him about this idea. He also very much wanted to videotape all of the processes.

After Asking Multiple Times, Jose Agreed To The Deal

Initially, Jose was very hesitant to agree. Salva was determined for this idea of his to happen so he constantly approached Jose multiple times until he agreed. Jose had not had any haircut within years and it was in a way quite convenient.

He Didn’t Want to Watch The Process of the Makeover

When they reached the salon and Salva started his process, Jose began telling him about his life story. Jose expressed how much first impressions had an impact on people and that he had always wanted to be taken seriously by other people. He requested to have the mirrors covered so that he couldn’t watch the process. “Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this,” Jose asked, adding, “Then close them to see if when they open again, it’s as if something else really opened up in my life, like a symbol.”

Take and Imprint How Jose Used To Look Before The Process Began

When Jose Antonio first arrived at La Salvajeria, he had long, white hair and a straggly, unkempt beard. Jose was extremely nervous to get the make-over because Salva and his employees agreed on giving him a haircut, a beard and hair dye, and change of clothes.

Hairspray, Hair Wash, Shampoo, Trimming…He Got The Full Hair Treatment First

The hairdressers started by pinning all of his hair on top of his head and cutting the longest locks off first. They even had a little bit of trimming work done on his beard to be able to have a clearer perspective on his change. The final haircut would occur after he was given the hair dye treatment.

His Hair Was Then Dye’d To Give Him a Young Look

Salva and his female employees decided Jose needed to look good and perhaps younger. So they all agreed upon a natural dark brown color because they believed that was what Jose’s hair color probably was before he began to age. His eyes were a deep brown, so they though going brown would be far too much of a contrast.