This is the story of Jose Antonio, a 55-year-old homeless man from Spain, who has lived out the past 25 years of his life on the streets of Palma de Mallorca. Desperately hunting for a job, he had been battling severe depression when a local salon owner noticed him and decided to approach him.

The Man

Jose had been known to befriend all the locals he met in the streets. Despite his own shortcomings, Jose displayed a joyful demeanor to everyone he met. This cordial character was probably what attracted the friendships of all the locals he met.

 Worked as an Electrician in Mallorca

He was not always a loner who did not have a home or place to stay, and actually, he was an electrician. The recurring anxiety and bad thoughts that clouded his thoughts were an accompaniment of his depression had cost him his job.  His health was sure to blame for his condition now.

 Suffered From Depression

Eventually, he was left with nothing and later ended up with no job and no place to live. He was suffering so severely from depression that he didn’t know if he could continue living. For the next 25 years, he had made the streets of Palma de Mallorca a home.

Favourite Among The Locals

Due to his kindness and friendly nature, he was fairly popular with the locals and everybody knew him personally. However, he could not be helped because not everyone can just shell out the money that he was in desperate need of. They nicknamed him Josete, and never forgot to give him a wave or say a quick hello whenever they saw him.

 Working As an Unlicensed Parking Attendant

Jose Antonio did not want his mental instability to take control of his life so he still searched work. He needed money to survive and knew he had to figure out something. He sometimes works as a parking attendant, that too an unlicensed one to earn just enough for him to get by but it was barely enough.

Salva Garcia

Jose Antonio was actually 55 years of age when he first met Salva. Salva is an eccentric man who had a very long beard and beloved for his fun personality who opened a salon back in 2013. His salon grew popular and by now made a name for itself. The salon is called La Salvajeria.