No matter how good of a neighborhood one lives in, it’s inevitable to find that one oddball of a neighbor who just makes one question their existence. It is always expected of neighbors to be courteous to each other, but sometimes, you just have to drop the formalities and let them have it!

Welcome To Jurassic Park

Living in an apartment sandwiched between other floors makes you prone to listening to the din of other resident’s lives. But this particular resident living upstairs had the most unusual sounding commotion as if they were dinosaurs! Or maybe they were actually one? Regardless of the amazing historical find, we’re sure they want their neighbors to go extinct!

A Free Tip

Beautification of the neighborhood is one of the duties that the local council undertakes. So recently, decorating ordinary items, in this case being mailboxes, have become somewhat of a trend in suburban Maryland. One house though was still the last one standing who had yet to join the trend, so one neighbor gave a politely worded nudge in the right direction.

A Free Swim

Having a dip in the swimming pool is a great way to cool off in the summer, but it’s not always that we can have access to pools. So a particularly conniving thief had to resort to stealing a kids’ paddling pool to cool off. Too bad for the thief that these kids happen to have a vengeful grandparent! And unlike a usual grandparent, this one is not going to let it off with kind words.

Not Walking On Sunshine

While out an about on their daily walk, this neighbor came across a delightful surprise on his pavement. The clearly mannerless and sly neighbor had let his canine companion do his business, and failed to pick it up! A lovely note written in chalk seemed to be the way to go for the sly and mannerless culprit.

Nipping A Bad Habit

Addiction to smoking is bad as is, but quitting it is another task. While this cat owner has been trying to get their cat to kick their habit, some neighbors keep dropping their cigarette butts on the ground! And knowing the cat, he uses even the butts to feed his addiction. The owner kindly requests his neighbors to refrain from this practice, for the sake of the cat at least!

Linda Blair, Is That You?

Exorcisms are taxing work, but more prominently, they also happen to be very loud. This lucky neighbor was fortunate enough to witness an actual one, even if it were through their ceiling. At least that’s what it seemed like judging by the extremely creaky bed! However, it did disturb their good night’s sleep. So despite having the luck to witness such a rare event, they would prefer sleeping!