There has been a lot of claims that animal shelters are equivalent to a jail for humans by multiple animal lovers who advocate for their cases, but is there any truth to the matter? Of course, it’s always the better alternative for an animal to have a roof over its head and be cared for in a shelter versus being on the street, being left open to subjection to forces of weather and humans alike.

Animal Shelter Equals Jail?

There are many debates and arguments for the claim that animal shelters are a prison for them. But there is also no denying the fact that these very shelters provide these homeless animals the much-needed sustenance and shelter. There is also to keep in mind the fact that not all shelters are built alike, and some are kinder than others. While a shelter provides to the best of its abilities, it is always preferable for the animals there to get adopted. Nothing can beat the warm and nurturing environment of a loving home where they have attentive adoptive parents to care for their every need. Image result for gumby stray dog

No Love?

But sometimes, just being adopted does not solve the problem for these animals. Adopting a furry friend is not an easy task, and it takes a few tries to find the perfect match. There has to be a mutual love between adopter and animal to have a happy family life. And this apparently seemed to be the case for this dog – or was it? Meet Gumby, a hound living at the Charleston Animal Society located in South Carolina. Gumby seems to be like any other canine present at the shelter; he loves to run around the shelter grounds, loves to eat a lot, and take a dozen naps. But what sets him apart is his proclivity for escaping from his adoptive homes!

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A Not-So-Happy Past

Like a majority of the animals present at the shelter, Gumby’s life wasn’t exactly ideal before he found his way to the shelter. In fact, he had been wandering around South Carolina for the past four years before being eventually picked up and taken to the safety of the Charleston Animal Society. The shelter provided him with such care and affection that Gumby quickly became more active and happier than ever before. He was a shadow of his former starved self. In almost no time, Gumby had become healthy and oh-so-adorable! With a gorgeous and gleaming cream fur coat, he was absolutely irresistible.

Meet Gumby, a hound who has a talent for running away from his adoptive family.

Everybody Loves Gumby

His charming and adorable personality could win over anyone who met him. This was perhaps why the staff working at the Charleston Animal Society had fallen head over heels in love with him – and the feeling was mutual. But alas, the happy times at the shelter had to come to an end. Gumby could not spend his whole life at the shelter. The main aim of rehabilitating a stray animal is to ultimately find a forever home for them. And with this, Gumby was put for adoption. But little did everyone realize how attached the pooch had grown to his shelter home. The love between the staff and Gumby was so immense, that he could not bear to part with his rescuers! And so, the first surprise came, with much more in tow! 

His First Adoption

It had been only three days into his first adoption when the staff at the Charleston Animal Society were greeted with a surprise in the morning. Gumby had made his way back to his shelter home! Thinking it to be a case of unsuitable adopters, he was once again put up for adoption. But this was not going to be his last adoption. Gumby was once again adopted. Fortunately, the second adoption lasted a little longer – by three more days that is. He was gone for six days this time, but like the tune of the pied piper, he was once again drawn back to the shelter. This soon became a pattern for the pooch over the next series of adoptions…

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