Being rich and famous has its downsides, like a severe lack of privacy and public scandals that can derail an entire career. However, it also has its upsides too. A personal fortune means being able to buy some of the biggest homes in the United States and beyond.

The biggest celebrities have huge property portfolios, with some of them flipping houses as a second career. From Disney stars to reality TV moguls, these estates have everything an A-lister could possibly want, such as gyms, libraries, cigar rooms, and even underground parking garages.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Price: $88 million*
Location: Montecito, CA

Oprah Winfrey’s story is inspiring. Despite a tough start, she built a massive media empire, now worth over $1 billion. She invested a big chunk in her grand Montecito home, “Promised Land.” It’s on 42 acres near Santa Barbara, which she bought after a party in 2001. The owners initially hesitated but sold it for around $52 million when Oprah made the offer.

2. Taylor Swift

Price: $30 million*
Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Taylor Swift’s property collection is impressive. She owns places in Nashville, NYC, and even a Beverly Hills mansion once owned by Hollywood legend Samuel Goldwyn. This $30-million-dollar, 11,000-square-foot home, built in 1934, has all she needs: a gym, a pool, a library, and two guest suites. It’s quite a package!

3. P. Diddy

Price: $40 million*
Location: Holmby Hills, CA

P. Diddy, known for his music and business acumen, has a hefty $650 million fortune. Among his many houses, a standout is his $40 million Holmby Hills estate, spanning 17,000 square feet. In 2022, he sold his late ex Kim Porter’s home in Toluca Lake, a place he couldn’t bear to visit after her 2018 passing, for $6.5 million.

4. Gwen Stefani

Price: $35 million*
Location: Hollywood Hills, CA

Gwen Stefani, known for her music, also made savvy property moves. She and Gavin Rossdale bought a Hollywood Hills mansion for $13 million in 2006. After their split, Gwen kept it, listed it for $35 million in 2016, then changed her mind. The estate boasts a pool, tennis court, guest house, and privacy, shielding the Comcast NBC star from unwanted attention.

5. Lady Gaga

Price: $23 million*
Location: Malibu, CA

Being a musician in the Instagram era is tough due to fierce competition. Lady Gaga, a fortunate exception, sold millions of records and made a fortune. She owns a $23-million Malibu mansion with five bedrooms on 6 acres. Known for her bold style, her home is in neutral tones with gentle lighting, offering a serene escape when she’s not on tour.